Multicolored Black Floral Vase with Butterflies and Hummingbirds


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The artist is a daughter of the well-known and colorful potter, Corn Moquino, who recently passed away at an advanced age. She learned this elaborate and graceful sgrafitto technique from her father.

Like a richly embroidered tapestry, this vase is entirely covered with a pattern of flowers, hummingbirds, and butterflies.

The black clay is polished on the arabesque handles, neck and rim. The design, however, is scratched out on the whole body, leaving the background a warm grey.

The polished black forms of the flowers, stems, vines, hummingbirds and butterflies stand out from the lightly textured, matte background and are enlivened with vivid accents of red, yellow, blues and greens.

It is such a dense pattern, that you will see more and different  elements each time you look closely.

The various flowers and leaves are intertwined with curling tendrils; hummingbirds and butterflies of various sizes and tints appear here and there throughout the design.

Vivid accents of yellow, red, green, blue, even purple, add color and energy. Each element is gracefully “drawn” in the clay, resulting in an ornate, intricate pattern.

Completely traditional, from gathering the clay to pit-firing, her magnificent work has a highly personal, decorative look that is immediately recognizable and eagerly collected.


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