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Multi-Stone Twist Bracelet


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No matter which way you look at this finely wrought bracelet, the view is beautiful. The combination of overlay silver and smoothly inlaid stones is a signature style for this versatile, highly reputed jeweler. Using both inlay and overlay techniques, it looks good from every viewpoint. A vivid stripe of various fine, inlaid stones enlivens the bracelet. These beautiful rectangles and squares are tapered, from largest at the top, to smallest at the ends, following the form of the silver itself. The overlay silver designs are traditional good luck water motifs of waves.Brilliant color, meticulous overlay with graceful designs, and intriguing form, and total wearability. Who needs more? Well, knowing that it was fashioned by hand, by a noted jeweler, with high quality stones, might complete the satisfaction..

Sterling Silver, Natural Turquoise, Coral, Lapis, Spiny Oyster Shell, and Sugilite

Total Size: 6 1/2″ Cuff Size: 5 3/8″ Gap Size: 1 1/8″ Width: 3/8″