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Multi-Stone Peaked Cuff


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Since the 1990’s, this former welder has amazed the Indian art world with his prize-winning designs, meticulous workmanship and magnificent stones.

All the stones in this piece are natural and of the highest grade – including the rare, fossilized mammoth ivory and splendid red coral- and are hand cut by the artist.

The vibrantly hued stones form a brilliant streak across the center of the silver cuff, forming a subtle vee-shape, with the tallest stones in the center.

They are graduated to a narrow, tapered piece of coral at each end.

Polished, rounded and stamped by hand, the silver echoes the peaked, tapered form of the gorgeous stones.

That fabulous, natural red coral dominates, but there are also two richly dark purple sugilite stones, complementary to the red coral, with a striking accent of luminous natural turquoise.

Right next to the turquoise, a rare piece of fossilized wooly mammoth ivory adds a calming touch.

Glittering 14-karat gold channels separate some of the stones.

This seemingly minor detail reinforces the warmth of the red coral and the opulence of the sugilite.

No detail is minor, in this master colorist’s hands.

The gentle fan shape of the silver is decorated with a pattern of stamped dots.

These dots refer to life-giving water – they symbolize raindrops – and complete the balance of nature begun with the vivid red coral, representing land.

No matter how interesting the silver work is, though, it is the vibrant ribbon of magnificent stones that makes this piece so special.

Masterful design and skillful execution do justice to the superb quality of these splendidly vivid stones.

A treasure from the earth and sea, to be enjoyed for generations to come.


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Natural Fossil Ivory, Natural Red Coral, Natural Sugilite, Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver I 14-Karat Gold

Cuff Size

4 3/4"

Gap Size


Wrist Size

5 3/4"


1 3/8" W