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Multi-Stone, Multi-Fetish Necklace


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A traditional fetish necklace with a modern look, by one of the best-known Zuni carvers, a granddaughter of the legendary Teddy Weahkee, and an award-winner herself.

The artist deftly combines birds, animals and fish, carved in the same variety of stones: turquoise, spiny oyster shell, mother of pearl, pink mussel shell, amber, jet and even purple alunite, a “new” stone in jewelry.

A tawny red beaver anchors the beautifully arranged pairs, each carved in the abstract, traditional style for which she is so well known. The lively mix of colors, materials and shapes is managed by separations of tiny, baby olive shell heishi and wee turquoise beads.

This leaves each little carving completely visible. Most of the carvings are of the traditional animal Guardians: eagles, bears, wolves, badgers, mountain lions, and moles.

The beaver is an exception, although if you find a beaver, he is in water, which is the very best luck in the arid Zuni environment.

Vibrantly hued, with a nice rhythm of forms, this necklace is lovely alone, and layers well with others.

Tradition, good luck and protection that you can wear -beautifully – by a leading fetish carver..

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Alunite, Amber, Baby Olive Shell, etc., Jet, Mother of Pearl, Pink Mussel Shell, Spiny Oyster Shell


28 1/2" long