Multi-Stone Heishi Necklace


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This textured cascade of stones and shells swoops into a graceful drape, almost like fabric, in this modern version of an ancient form of adornment.

Shell and stone necklaces have long been a specialty of Santo Domingo Pueblo: Stone nuggets and pieces of exotic shells show up in archeological digs and historic photographs.

Creamy melon and clamshell disks, translucent glass beads, and polished green malachite tabs create a nubbly pattern of gleaming surfaces; tiny slices of dark brown baby olive shell are a fine counterpoint.

Both labor- and material-intensive, this type of jewelry amortizes quickly since it suits our informal lifestyle and looks wonderful with everything from sweaters and shirts to suits and dresses.

The artist has created a handsome medley of earthy, browns and greens, brightened by a few metal beads, and the light shell heishi.

Rich, green malachite, amid all the different shades of brown and cream, resembles lush foliage in a deep forest.

Adeptly arranged, the eleven strands (11!) offer the eye a handsome variety of shapes, materials, and earth-tones, flowing like a river around your neck.

Some of the wooden and glass, etc beads are ready-made, but the many little heishi disks, of various shells, are handmade.

The traditional wrapped end adjusts to your neck and is wonderfully comfortable, since weight is evenly distributed around the neck, not hanging from just one hook and eye.

Evoking deep, shady forests, dappled with shafts of light, this beautiful necklace is perfect for autumn, warms up winter, shines in spring, and contrasts with summer linens.

A necklace for all seasons.

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Baby Olive Shell, Malachite, Miscellaneous Beads