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Multi-Stone Fetish Necklace Set on Turquoise Heishi


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Lena Boone is hailed as the prize-winning carver who has kept the original, ancient style of fetishes from oblivion.

Her birds and animals are recognizable, but simplified, suggesting the creature, without realistic details.

Here, a flock of birds, bears, mountain lions, and other fetish animals are strung on bright blue, turquoise heishi, in a medley of materials and colors.

An amber owl is the largest, hanging in the center, as if guarding all the others. The Zuni consider owls as protectors, and mobile security alarms.

Lapis, spiny oyster shell, mother of pearl, rose quartz, dolomite, and turquoise are some of the other materials, besides amber. There are even matching earrings!

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Multiple Stones and Shells, Turquoise