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Multi-Colored Oval Earrings


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Unusual in every way, from her Plains background to her childhood in New Zealand, training in Santa Fe, and her current residence, there,  this artist has a totally individual artistic vision.

Her work is delicate, feminine, precise, with beautiful and uncommon stones – and a bit of wit. These unique earrings show off her style, beautifully.

Brushed and lightly etched silver form bezels for the centers of these earrings while minuscule silver domes dot the outside, creating a charmingly old-fashioned look that is dainty and prim.

The centers of the earrings are anything but old-fashioned, delicate, or prim! They are raised ovals of polymer clay, a totally contemporary material, in a riot of mixed, bold colors.

Polymer clay is not really clay, but the chemical compound that is formed with added water, manipulated like wet clay, then hardened by the heat of an oven.

An explanatory website states, “polymer clay is a durable, water-resistant plastic after baking, it is plenty strong and does not need to be sealed for protection. (It) will withstand water, weather, and wear better than any sealer.”

So, do not mess with it, and just enjoy the vivid result of Shawn’s artistry! And the admiring questions that will undoubtedly occur.

Wear these unusual beauties every day, and in the evening, too. The rich hues will compliment your wardrobe’s many colors.

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Polymer Clay, Sterling Silver


3/4" L x 5/8" W