Multi-Color Beaded Bolo


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Tesuque Pueblo is not known for one particular art, and this artist, like Mark Swazo-Hinds, creates what his heart and hands tell him.

An accomplished gourd artist, Steven demonstrates his skill with beadwork in this eye-catching bolo!

Using tiny seed beads, he has created a striking bolo with vibrant and bright contrasting colors.

Attached to the silver and beaded tips are lengths of deerskin, another traditional touch.

The contrasting colors throughout the bolo suggest themes like water, corn, night and day, the heavens and the earth, in balance.

Unusual, colorful, and beautifully made, this bolo is for traditionalists and collectors alike!

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Glass Seed Beads, Leather, Sterling Silver

Bolo Cord Length



Bolo: 2 1/2"


Tips: 5 1/2"