Multi-Chunk Inlaid Cuff


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This remarkable artist works with the finest materials and sets them very simply, to their greatest advantage, with a painter’s eye for color, composition and texture.

Not surprising, since he is also known for his paintings, carvings, tribal leadership, and mentoring.

In this color-saturated bracelet, the artist’s eye is evident in the elegantly bold palette and beautifully arranged composition.

Large slabs of natural materials range from fossil ivory to ironwood, with hits of red coral and luminous turquoise. All are set in sterling silver.

The size and shape of the stones vary, creating bold and syncopated energy.

Chunks of high-quality, natural stones are set above the sterling base, with varying heights among them.

Repetition of creamy ivory and darkest brown ironwood anchors the design.

Turquoise stones are inlaid at regular intervals, but vary in shape and size; red coral punctuates the design with brilliant accents.

Controlled asymmetry achieves the effect of lively serenity, in this consummate artist’s inspired hands.

Gorgeous, but mellow, color is masterfully orchestrated by a famous artist, in this comfortably spectacular bracelet.

Wear it all the time – it will enhance everything you wear (well, maybe not a ball gown, but that depends on the style and fabric…).

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Natural Fossil Ivory, Natural Ironwood, Natural Red Coral, Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

5 1/4" + 1" gap | 6 1/4+ all around


1" w