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Mudhead Dancing Kachina Pendant


A remarkably detailed and realistic Mudhead dancer figure with drum and rattle, entirely hand-wrought – not cast-  in sterling silver.

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Here at Wright’s, we are proud to show you a contemporary master whose exquisitely hand-wrought pieces are on a par with celebrated Renaissance metal artists, like Benvenuto Cellini, for example.


Here is his wonderful, wearable sculpture of a dancing Mudhead kachina. As a Navajo, he feels more comfortable creating Hopi kachinas, rather than Navajo spirits, and each of his figures is scrupulously authentic in every way. Mudheads are one of the clown kachinas. They race in mud, slipping and sliding around. They also have important ceremonial duties.


In astonishingly realistic detail – look at that well-fed tummy – and it even has a belly-button! – this little dancer is fabricated, tiny bit of silver by tiny bit. The face is hollow, with the characteristic features separately fabricated and applied.


The “embroidered” kilt and sash are precisely hand stamped and etched; Each moccasin comprises two little pieces of silver, and then there is the drum and the tiny Mudhead rattle in the figure’s other hand. Everything was fashioned by the not-so-delicate hands of this remarkable artist.


This is a fully rounded miniature sculpture in sterling silver. The head had to have a flat surface for the shepherd’s hook, but kilt and embroidered sash, flowing with the movement of the dance, the moccasins and drum, and the plump torso, are all three-dimensional. Even his little bottom is discernible in back.


Hang him from a collar, beads, chain or cord, and listen to others marvel, as well. You could even pin this to a jacket lapel, with a hidden safety pin. To admire him when not wearing him, suspend him from a little lucite stand. Every way, you will be exhibiting an outstanding work of miniature sculpture by an extraordinary silversmith.




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