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Mountain Ram Fetish


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This artist belongs to not one, but two of the most prominent carving families in Zuni. She maintains the old style, suggesting the form of the fetish, rather than carving naturalistic detail.

This mountain sheep has recognizable horns, and a blunt face and turquoise eyes, but is otherwise totally abstract. The markings of the stone lend it an animated pattern and visual interest.

Note the hollow in the center of the fetish. This is perfectly sized to hold your thumb and forefinger.

That makes this ram not only an aid in hunting, but an on-going comfort as a “worry pet”.

The glassy smoothness of the marble’s finish is irresistible: rubbing your fingers together, on it, is guaranteed to keep you calm and productive..

Handsome, traditional, beautifully polished and formed, and a solace , too!








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2 5/8" H x 2 1/4"W