“Mother’s Weaving” Sculpture

Tim Washburn


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This multiple award-winning sculptor is known for the precision and artistry of his work, mostly devoted to Navajo subjects, as this beautiful piece is.

He is a charter member of the Indigenous Sculptors Society, dedicated to maintaining the highest artistic and ethical standards of the medium.

As in most of his work, the peach alabaster is confidently handled, with an artful balance of textured and polished areas.

It comes from the Four Corners area of the Navajo reservation, where Tim lives and works.

He prefers elaborate set pieces concerning Native life that have a narrative, like this one.

His work is known for the realism, detail, and emotion he elicits from the stone.

This beautiful piece is dedicated to a maternal figure, weaving a traditional Navajo rug.

She sits on a sheepskin pad, in front of her upright, handmade loom, taking a break.  A mug of coffee is in one hand, a weaving comb in the other.

On the loom, the rug is partially finished; her sun hat hangs from one of the uprights.

As in all Tim’s work, the proportions are realistic; the faces, and every element, lovingly depicted in naturalistic detail.

Here, notice how her face is sensitively carved and polished, in contrast to her hair and clothes.

Her hair is pulled back in a traditional bun, and textured realistically, as is the cloth tie that holds it.

She is all dressed up, with a formal blouse, center pin, heishi necklace, and large bracelet.

Her blouse falls in soft folds, and her hands are beautifully carved and polished, as is the mug of coffee.

Her broomstick skirt is also somewhat polished, so the raised pleats are evident as they outline her seated legs.

The sheepskin that cushions her is appropriately shaggy and irregular in shape.

The loom and the rug are examples of more virtuoso carving: the uprights and cross-piece of the loom are clearly hand hewn logs; the warp and weft of the weaving is attached to it by hefty ropes.

The textures are individual and realistic, as is the soft fabric of her hat.

Each thread of the weaving seemingly is etched, on both the front and back of the piece.

The partly completed rug is shown as a solid, polished slab, with the pattern delicately etched in a typical design.

Every detail of the entire sculpture is created with incredible clarity, naturalism, and sensitivity.

Another remarkable work of nostalgia and appreciation for traditional Navajo life, by this outstanding sculptor.

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