“Motherly Love” Bolo


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Fabulous, luxurious, resplendent, magnificent, and any other adjectives of awed admiration you can think of, are appropriate to this breathtaking bolo.

Designed with a base of sterling silver, the award-winning artist lavished 14-karat gold petroglyph designs over the darkened background, with silver appliqued elements below them.

The tips and keepers are equally decorative, with gold appliques and exacting silver work.

Sitting serenely amidst all these little appliques is a superb, natural, monumental, and extraordinary turquoise stone.

Measuring 1 5/8″ in length, the stunning natural stone is Red Web Kingman turquoise, pristine and perfect.

Set above, and just to the side, are two, equally fine, natural Mediterranean red coral cabochons. Both coral and turquoise are hand-cut and set.

Together with the organic form of the turquoise, the two pieces of coral form an abstract suggestion of a mother holding a child, both wrapped together in a blanket.

At the very bottom of the bolo, the theme of mother love is reinforced by a charming vignette of a gold buffalo facing her little calf, against a textured night sky, studded with stars.

As well as stars, the tiny gold cross forms refer to the four corners of the earth, where the blessing of maternal love is meant to extend.

Above and around the coral, are all sorts of gold good luck signs: More four-cornered star shapes, and a crescent moon; a double, jagged line of silver, referring to water and lightning; a couple, hand in hand ( more love, leading to mother love); lightning shapes, a turtle with the water spiral on its shell, the water spiral, hands of blessing and protection; and two of the four sacred mountains that mark the extent of Navajo lands.

All these are clearly defined and gleaming, against the noticeably textured, darkened silver background.

Double zig-zags of silver, on either side of the exceptional turquoise, mark the transition into applied silver motifs.

Here, stylized dragonflies flit about, surrounded by drops of water.

Water is the source of life and a great blessing in the dry high desert.

Silver keepers and tips are just as elaborately worked, with gold water spiral and a hand of blessing on the keepers.

These are edged in points, with delicate fine lines between each triangular shape.

Long and gleaming tips match, but with mountain forms above, on the beautifully stamped and chiseled cylinders.

There are also tiny stepped rain designs underneath the gold appliques, with long chiseled lines at the bottoms, symbolizing rainfall with dots of water drops.

The entire design is integrated, with each part referring to every other one in materials, motifs, and techniques.

The opulence of the bolo’s appearance is due in part to the luxuriant use of gleaming gold and silver, against blackened texture, and the carefully worked details.

Against the busy designs of the appliqued figures, that incredible turquoise, and fiery red coral stand out in tranquil majesty, set high above the background.

Arland is a multiple award-winner, who is devoted to using the most spectacular stones he can find, to match his exquisite workmanship.

This bolo is magisterial in materials, design, and workmanship, and created to depict a beautiful theme.

Of course, the hand-braided cord is of equal quality.

Obviously, a future heirloom, this jaw-dropping bolo is also meant to be displayed in museum shows, but enjoyed and worn frequently, now and for generations.


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Hand-Braided Leather, Natural Kingman Turquoise, Natural Red Coral, Sterling Silver I 14-Karat Gold


Bolo is 3 3/4" L x 2 1/8" W | Tips are 2 5/8" L x 1/4" Diameter | Cord is 47" L