Mother Owl With Two Babies



Who-ooo couldn’t like this boldly painted and appealing mama owl and her babies? Nestled beneath Mama’s wings, the two little ones are just as beautifully painted as the large figure, yet definitely baby-like. With different colored wings, maybe one is a girl, and one a boy. Owlish eyes, beaks and general shapes, yet the figures are not actually realistic; a virtuoso feat by this accomplished artist, famous for her storytellers.

All the colors are natural: either natural clay, clay slips, or vegetal color. The painted designs are fabulous and varied. There are eagle feathers, prominently on the mother owl’s head, also some fine line rain symbols and lots of plant and arrow-like designs.

Owls are considered night watchmen, guarding and sounding alarms while most people sleep. They also eat crop-destroying vermin. All the symbols on this handsome owl represent prayers for protection, safety, and a good harvest. That means, happiness, abundance and good health.

The way the baby owls are sheltered by the mama owl’s wings conveys the feeling of security and loving protection. Her eyes, and the little ones’, are like flower petals, evoking the plants who are guarded from predators. Handsomely and graphically painted, this is an owl storyteller that brings tradition into the modern world.

Natural Clays and Natural Colors

Width: 5 1/4″ Height: 6 1/2″ Depth: 3 1/2″