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Mother of Pearl Tablita Night Ring


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A fascinating, unusual ring in several ways. For one, the inlaid design is placed on its side, so to speak, rather than facing the wearer or the viewer. This makes the design look abstract until you look at it closely, head on. Then, the decorative headdress of feathers is traditional, but not with the Navajo; the artist has created a fantasy figure, with opulent headgear and an uncommon choice of stones.A black jet background, dark as the night sky, sets off the other inlaid elements: a spectacular, gorgeous tablita, stylized face, and a sprinkling of silver stars, in the background. The colors are iridescent and unusual in combination, emphasizing the night theme and the spirit face. Luminous mother of pearl forms the center row of feathers, with sky-blue turquoise, at each end. Lime-green gaspeite forms a sprightly accent above the face, while tiny squares of mother of pearl, lapis and russet pipestone form the bottom of each of the feathers. Midnight blue lapis, gaspeite, and mother of pearl form the face itself, with long streamers of brick-red pipestone trailing on each side of the face. Brightly polished sterling makes a moon-lit frame for the inlay, and the continues on the rounded shank of the ring. With jet black as the background, the subtle colors of the other materials stand out with mysterious clarity and other-worldly luminosity. Meticulously hand fabricated, this is a beautiful and most unusual ring.

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Lapis, Gaspeite, Jet, Mother of Pearl, Pipestone, Sterling Silver, Turquoise

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10 3/4