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Mother of Pearl Hummingbird Pin


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The talented wife of talented Michael Dukepoo finds time from caring for him, and three children, to create award-winning, stunning inlaid jewelry, Case in point, this gorgeous hummingbird, ready to add dazzle to any outfit (or hat).


Hummingbirds are a favorite symbol for Pueblo people, since they help to propagate plants, including crops, which leads to good things to eat and happy, healthy people. This magical bird is formed to look as if it is hovering in full flight, and the shimmering, luminous, snowy mother of pearl adds to its striking allure.


The inlay pattern complements the curvy silhouette. Different sizes and shapes of the matched mother of pearl pieces are arranged to accentuate the feeling of fluttering flight. The silver, in which the shell is inlaid, is also formed to emphasize animated motion. It is hard to find premium quality mother of pearl in large enough quantity to use in large pieces, and to match so perfectly in color.


The edges of the silver backing are chiseled, by hand, which also suggests feathery movement. It may not be totally naturalistic, but the ethereal material, shimmering in the light as if in motion, and the long silver beak, captures the essence of this beloved bird.


Ravishing in material and form, and beautifully made – by hand, of course – this hummingbird is an enchanting pin that will light up your days and nights. And, it will attract compliments like flowers attract hummingbirds!



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Mother of Pearl, Sterling Silver, Turquoise


2 3/8" long x 1 3/4" wide