Mother of Pearl Frog Fetish


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This frog looks like a prince! Glistening richly in mother of pearl, with beautiful blue eyes, he stretches his head up, as if begging to be kissed and released back into human form.

Once married to the leading fetish artist, Lance Cheama, Karen Zunie has established herself as a highly reputed fetish carver, since.

Notice the remarkably naturalistic legs, tail, eyes, and face of this iridescent frog, and the meticulously incised scales on his back.

The texture of the naturalistic scales increases the luminous glitter of the mother of pearl, giving this little frog a magical allure.

Frogs are important fetishes for the Zuni, considered major rain-bringers, as well as symbols of fertility and abundance.

Most frog fetishes are interesting, even adorable, but this shining price of a frog is really special!

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Natural Mother of Pearl, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise


1 1/2" L x 1 1/4"W x 3/4" H