Mother of Pearl Beaver Fetish


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You may not have seen a purple cow or a pink elephant, but here is real, gorgeous, glistening little beaver, exactingly carved from one piece of moonlit mother of pearl.

Karen Zunie is a well-known fetish artist, whose speciality is a range of charming animals, carved with naturalistic detail.

This beaver is both realistic and detailed, although the shimmering mother of pearl turns him into a fairy-tale vision of a beaver.

However, his broad flat tail, furry pelt, sharp claws, and well-proportioned head all add up to a remarkably handsome, recognizable beaver.

Turquoise eyes add a spark of southwest color to his meticulously carved body and tail.

Totally beaver-ish, the iridescent mother of pearl makes him look like a prince, waiting for that liberating kiss.

If a frog can be a prince, why not a beaver, especially one as beautiful this one?

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Natural Mother of Pearl, Turquoise


2 5/8" L x 5/8" W x 3/4" H