Mother of Pearl and Coral Heishi necklace


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Ecru clamshell meets blazing red coral in this striking heishi necklace. A younger member of a long-time heishi-making family, she offers us this laborious, pre-historic jewelry technique in a contemporary vein.

The clamshell disks are all as regular as the human hand can cut them, so the necklace is daintier and ladylike instead of historically correct – that is, chunky and clunky. Bright red natural coral adds punches of rich color. Every single bead has been cut and polished.

Light-weight and adaptable, this dramatic piece can be worn loosely and draped, or twisted for a more tailored effect. The neutral, natural palette is also adaptable; it will look cool with summer linen, snowy and festive in winter and a bright spark for autumn and spring clothes. A necklace for all seasons.

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Coral, Baby Olive Shell, Mother of Pearl, Sterling Silver


22 1/4"