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Mother Earth Sculpture


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 Like many artists, Randall’s inspiration comes from his heritage. Mostly self-taught, he has won has won many awards and his work is in collections nationwide. This mesmerizing piece is one of his “Navajo Dream” series, and seems to represent the spirit of Mother Earth.


Emerging from the surrounding stone, the head dissolves into the polished and textured marble like a cloud disappearing into the mist. The figure is minimally represented by the textured area. Dramatic markings in the marble, together with the tapered oval form, suggest long, flowing hair. The serene expression seems also rather intense; it is as if the spirit of Mother Earth were hovering over the land and praying for us.


Textured and polished areas are beautifully juxtaposed, while the offset angle of the marble piece adds the feeling of movement, as if she were in the wind. A wooden base is artfully shaped to conform. The sensitive face and minimalist form create a delicate contrast to the strikingly patterned marble.

A lovely piece that combines strength with delicacy, simplicity and emotion, by a talented artist.

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Marble, Wood


8 1/2" high x 4 1/8" wide x 2 3/4" deep