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Moss Agate Coil Earrings

Vernon Begaye


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Vernon began making jewelry when he was just 9 years old, supervised by his jeweler parents. By 1993, he was awarded a sought-after SWAIA Fellowship, for most promising younger artists. This grant permitted him to pursue further jewelry education at the Gemological Institute of America. Today, he is considered a recognized Master, who mixes the traditional with contemporary ideas, to create uniquely fascinating jewelry. Just look at these earrings!


Combining elegant proportions, uncommon natural stones and unique design, these handsome dangles broadcast your adventurous good taste to all. They make the plainest tee-shirt look couture, and add a jolt of stylish individualism to the most conservative suit. Enjoy the intrigued compliments!


Hand-cut and -polished nuggets of natural moss agate form the tops, embraced by slightly antiqued, hand-chiseled silver bezels. This stone is covered in a random matrix pattern of very dark green, like moss-covered rocks. The creamy base color and the darkness of the green matrix make the stones neutral in hue, compatible with almost every color.


The creative dangles are slender tapered coils of sterling silver wire, in a noticeably substantial gauge. They are all linked by a narrow bar of hammered silver, for contrasting texture and shape. Spirals traditionally symbolize waterways, while the dots hammered into the silver bars look like raindrops, and/or sandy earth. The agates suggest the earth, so there is a blend of water and earth – the Navajo ideal of nature in balance, which is good luck.


Not only extraordinary in design and exceptional in execution, these super-wearable earrings also encompass that age-old spiritual message. Truly remarkable in every way!



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Moss Agate, Sterling Silver


2 1/2" long x 7/8" wide x 1/4" thick

Earring Sizing

Earrings are measured by length and width. The measurements for french hooks (dangles) are taken from the spot the hook hangs down from your ear, and the measurements for posts and clip-ons are taken from the earring top to bottom. The width is taken from the widest part of the earring.