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Mosaic Turquoise Figural Pendant


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Son of one of the famous Navajo Code Talkers, who are honored for their crucial help in winning WWII in the South Pacific, this artist has too much talent for just one medium. Impressionist paintings are one source of his reputation; his stature as a silversmith is just as imposing. In addition, he is a busy community leader, artists’ advocate and basketball coach! This radiant pendant is a beautiful example of his artist’s eye, and artistry. The discreet silver setting allows the high-quality, natural turquoise stones to receive the attention they deserve. With a horizontal oval at top, and an artful arrangement of the vivid turquoise below, this is an abstract representation of a figure. All the turquoise has been cut from one larger stone, then fit into a handsome mosaic pattern. Notice the half-circle right below the “head”, and the two vertical placements on either side, just below that. They create the effect of two hands, or arms, folded across the figure’s chest. The pattern of smaller stones below these is reminiscent of the folds of a blanket. A little silver element extends from the top of the pendant, suggesting an eagle feather. Over all, the pendant’s mosaic pattern is suggestive of the ancient cliff dwellings in the southwest, ancestral ruins for several tribes.Wait, there’s more than just gorgeous turquoise to this pendant: it is reversible! Turn the pendant around, and a complex, tufa-cast design of glittering silver appears. Like ancient rock art, there are petroglyph symbols of water: the spiral, an angular vertical line that is a river, with dots that represent raindrops; stepped rain signs above. At the very bottom , left, is a partially visible sun, to balance the rain and water. Kokopelli, the seed-planter, the life-force, is positioned in the center. From its form, to the pattern of the glorious turquoise, to the symbols on the silver side, this pendant represents an ancestral figure, probably Mother Earth. With beauty in the meaning, beauty in the materials, and beauty in the execution, whoever wears this exceptional pendant will feel like a goddess, herself.

Sterling Silver, Natural Blue Jay Turquoise

Width: 7/8″ Height: 3 1/8″ Depth: 1/8″