Mosaic Sleeping Beauty Buckle

Michael Dukepoo


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Clean, contemporary, and beautiful, a drop-dead gorgeous buckle by this young, second-generation master (his father is the renowned Michael Garcia Na Na Ping).

Luminous, local, natural Sleeping Beauty mine turquoise is a radiant blue, with white matrix to make it interesting.

Unlike some, this talented, award-winning jeweler uses high quality stones, even when inlaying mosaic patterns.

The asymmetrical placement of these stones creates a subtle, animated pattern that is also balanced.

The syncopated design of the turquoise pieces is contained in a gleaming frame of sterling silver.

The delicate lines formed by the edges of each stone are extended to the left and right of the buckle’s frame with a few chiseled lines.

On the back, the hook and bar that hold the belt are all hand fabricated sterling.

With premium stones, premium workmanship, and the artist’s finely tuned eye for form and function, this is a fabulous example of the best in contemporary Indian jewelry.

It is destined to be cherished for generations.


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