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Mosaic Inlay Shell Cuff


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This renowned, prize-winning jeweler collaborates with her husband, Frank, both masterful, innovative jewelers.

Charlene does most of the designing and cuts and places the tiny mosaic pieces. Frank grinds the shell and does the silver work, where applicable.

This magnificent cuff  has no silver at all; entirely of shells and stones, it is a masterpiece of beautifully updated, traditional mosaic inlay jewelry.

A direct descendant of the historic inlay work of the Anasazi, it has been splendidly modernized in design and refinement.

An amazing example of skill, as well as of esthetics, the base of the little inlaid stones and shells is, itself, a shell.

Somehow, the natural shell has been cut, smoothed, and shaped into a cuff.

It serves as a  sturdy, but inflexible base for a basketweave mosaic of rich color and  graphic pattern.

Spiny oyster shell, in tones from melon to deep red, enlivens the mass of mostly blue, turquoise stones.

Accents of dark blue lapis and luminous mother of pearl further animate the design.

Not only are the rectangles of stone and shell incredibly regular in size and shape, these rigid slices are inlaid to conform to the rounded shell that forms the base.

Spectacular in looks, awe-inspiring in execution; Charlene’s precise and intricate work has revolutionized contemporary Native American jewelry.

She learned from her sister-in-law, the celebrated Angie Reano Owen,and the family have honored the past, while turning it into chic and contemporary works of art.

Like most of her astounding work, this bracelet is a museum-worthy collector’s item – and wearable, too.

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1 1/2" W


Lapis, Mother of Pearl, Natural Shell, Natural Spiny Oyster Shell, Turquoise

Wrist Size

6 3/8" + 1 1/8" gap | 7 1/2" all around