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Mosaic Inlay on Jet Pin/Pendant


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Mary is known for “painting” with stones. Her designs are unique, often abstract.

She creates her own interpretation of the mosaic inlay work that is historically traditional in her Santo Domingo (now Kewa) Pueblo.

Her ideas come from nature, or her imagination, or a combination of both.

First, she sketches her idea, then she searches for the stones, shells, and other materials that will fit her concept.

Finally, she cuts and shapes them by hand, inlaying the pieces to complete her vision.

Free-form, abstract, and/or naturalistic, the boldly vibrant designs and colors are immediately recognizable as her work.

This fresh and cheery pin/pendant is typical, in its lyrical outline of curlicues and lovely color.

Mary has inlaid the turquoise and shell fragments in black jet, which is naturally lightweight, and added an accent of Spring-green gaspeite to perk it up further.

The design looks definitely plant-like, and probably is an interpretation of a cornstalk, the symbol of abundance, good health and happiness.

Hanging from a chain or ribbon, or pinned wherever you like, this is another uniquely decorative and eye-catching piece by this creative, well-known artist.

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2 1/2" L x 1 1/2" W


Black Jet, Natural Gaspeite, Natural White Clamshell, Stabilized Kingman Turquoise