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Mosaic Inlay Barrel Earrings


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Well-made, creative, and flattering, these earrings are just right for everyday wear.

The artist used Labradorite as the foundation on which to inlay his stones. Labradorite was originally discovered in Labrador, Canada, though it’s now known to exist in locations all around the world. Labradorite is famous for its Labradorescence, or an iridescent optical effect, most visible as you move it around in different directions.

A variety of materials are inlaid on the Labradorite, shaped into little squares and rectangles.

Standing out with bright color and brilliant luster, are Mother-of-Pearl, Yellow Heartwood, Serpentine, Pipestone, Bloodwood, Natural Kingman Turquoise, White Marble, and Jet.

With the inlay visible on three sides, the earrings are prettily the same from many angles.

They dangle flirtatiously and add an intriguing pop of shimmer and color that is delicious for every complexion.

Great, well-made earrings, at a perfect price for a comfortable and casual look!

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Gold-Lip Mother of Pearl, yellow heartwood, Bloodwood, Jet, Labradorite, Natural Kingman Turquoise, Pipestone, Serpentine, Sterling Silver, White Marble


3 1/4"