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Mosaic Inlaid Dangling Hoop Earrings


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Astounding micro-mosaic inlay by this couple, anointed by just about every major reference work on Native jewelry and art as “among the greatest Indian jewelers in history.” The fame of their incredibly tiny mosaic inlay pieces is world-wide, wherever their micro-fine pieces are proudly worn and exhibited.

When you wear a piece of the Clark’s micro-mosaic jewelry, you wear a piece of jewelry history. Plus, like this marvelous pair of hoops, their work is beautiful, and wearable, too.

Radiant with the traditional colors of sky/water and the earth, these earrings are delicately bold, flattering, easy to wear, and will go with almost everything. They will amortize very quickly, since they are so very wearable. Out for the day, out to dinner, to a party, the theater, a committee meeting, at a presentation – these remarkable earrings will quietly shine everywhere you go.

Fine stones are gorgeously arranged to blend into one another in a lively pattern. Different shades of natural coral – red, orange-y and pink, are strewn around with various bits of turquoise, including one or two whose pyrite matrix glitters like gold. Occasional accents of deep blue lapis and luminous mother of pearl add depth and gleam.

Only the two rounds of coral that link the tops and the hoops are plainly visible; the rest are almost microscopic squares and rectangles that blur before the eye into a glorious whole. Every bit of the Clark’s jewelry is hand made, securely and flawlessly inlaid into sterling silver.

Museum pieces you can wear with delight, and that will be cherished for many generations.



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Coral, Lapis, Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver, Turquoise


2 1/4" long x 1" wide