Mosaic Inlaid Cufflinks

Veronica Poblano


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This preeminent artist is known for carrying her father’s (Leo Poblano) legacy of innovation in jewelry design into two further generations – hers and her equally talented children’s. Eagerly collected all over the world, her work takes traditional Zuni lapidary work to a new, modern, level.

Notice the finely hand-cut, high grade, natural stones, and how carefully they are arranged: asymmetrically, abstract, and up-to-the -moment. Meticulous workmanship matches the quality of the beautiful stones, and the striking design takes classic tradition and tweaks it into a dramatic new look.

Turquoise, red coral, white shell and jet are the traditional pantheon of Zuni inlaid jewelry. Veronica has used at least two different natural turquoise stones, organically formed natural red coral, and fossil ivory, instead of clamshell or mother of pearl. Then, she slashes a high-pillowed band of natural Zuni jet at the diagonal, giving the composition the look of an abstract-expressionist painting, full of action and motion (as well as glorious color and texture).

Like miniature canvases, these cufflinks are modern paintings in three dimensions. For man or woman – or both, sharing – these are destined to be not only museum-quality pieces, but favorite cufflinks for all occasions.

PS This may be heretical, but – if you prefer these as earrings…..just have the backs changed.( I never said it.) They are truly art meant to be worn, whichever way suits you best.



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