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Mosaic Hoop Pendant on Cord


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Charlene collaborates with her husband and enjoys a well-deserved reputation as a major creator of contemporary mosaic inlay, a sophisticated version of this ancient method of adornment. She does the designing, cutting, and inlaying – piece by tedious piece – completely by hand. He grinds and polishes the shells and stones.  A multiple award-winner starting in the 1980s, her colorful work is happily worn all over the world.

This hoop pendant, created with just as much attention to style and workmanship, is just another example of her extraordinary talent. Every little rectangle and fragment of stone or shell is individually cut and set onto the scalloped shell back.  Slightly convex, because that’s how the underlying shell naturally grows, this little curvature allows the inlaid mother of pearl to glint and glitter even more as the light hits them, and highlights the different variations of the shell – Gold Lipped Mother of Pearl, Black Lipped Mother of Pearl, and White Lipped Mother of Pearl – all of which are included in the piece.

Red spiny oyster shell, clear turquoise, and dark blue lapis add vivid, rich color to the iridescent gleam of the shells. Together, they make a vibrant design that is further enhanced by the broad width of the hoop itself.

Hung on a simple black cord so as not to distract from the beauty of the inlay, this is not only beautiful but comfortable as well. Dramatic in size, but lighter than you’d think because of the shell backing, this necklace packs serious fun and glamor. Great with casual clothes, dramatic and glamorous at night, this will be a wow factor all the time.

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Black Lip Mother of Pearl, Gold Lip Mother of Pearl, Lapis, Red Spiny Oyster Shell, Jet, Mother of Pearl, Orange Spiny Oyster Shell, Turquoise


Necklace: 17", Pendant: 3"


Pendant: 2 1/2"