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Mosaic Hand of Protection


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Following in the jewelry footsteps of her late father, Leo Coriz, this artist has been known for her traditional stone and shell pieces for decades. In the 1950’s she re-created an ancient form – mosaic inlaid hands. These have remained her signature to this day. The form and materials are unchanged, from the past; the method is modern. No more plant goop to hold the mosaic together, now it is all permanently attached and easy to wear. Small, irregular shards of glossy, natural black jet is inlaid in mother-of-pearl, and edged in silver. Natural red apple coral forms the “fingernails”, and accents the angular spiral of life and/or water at the base. A symbol of blessing and protection for over a thousand years, this stylized hand is found in ancient petroglyph art. Full of color, abstract form, and meaning, Mary’s hands are a handsome adornment that links our century to the misty past while looking strikingly contemporary – and handsome – on lapel or chain.

Sterling Silver, Black Jet, Apple Coral, Mother of Pearl

Width: 2 3/8″ Height: 2 5/8″ Depth: 1/4″