Mosaic Dragonfly Pin/Pendant

Mary Louise Tafoya



The daughter of traditional Pueblo jewelers, Mary is known for “painting” with stones. Her unique designs are her own interpretation of the mosaic inlay work that is historically traditional in her Santo Domingo (now Kewa) pueblo.

She sketches her ideas first, inspired by nature, or her imagination. Then, she searches for stones, shells, and other materials, cutting them to fit her concept and complete her vision.

Finally, she inlays the pieces, to complete her vision.

Free-form, abstract, and/or based on nature, the boldly vibrant designs and colors are immediately recognizable as her work.

This dramatic pin/pendant celebrates the dragonfly, a favorite Pueblo symbol of beauty and good luck.

Attached to a base of natural, lustrous mother of pearl is a mosaic of hand-cut, natural jet pieces.

Against this glossy black background, the artist inlaid sterling silver outlines of a dragonfly, and a perky little plant, at the bottom.

The wings of the dragonfly are hand-cut and shaped natural red coral, while inlaid turquoise forms the head and tail. (The head is a flat turquoise disk, drilled as if to string on a necklace. The tiny hole stands in for an eye.)

While the coral wings of the dragonfly are raised, the coral and turquoise leaves of the plant are inlaid seamlessly flat.

Dramatic in color, design, and size, this intriguing piece can be pinned, or worn on heishi, silver beads, a collar, or whatever suits you.

Wonderful for travel, since it can be worn so many different ways, and wonderful in design and execution.

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