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Morenci Turquoise Chunk Earrings


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An affinity for contemporary design, high-quality materials, and the highest standards of workmanship – plus the skill and talent to pull all that together – that is what each of these award-winning jewelers have in common’

Artistically, that is, they are also in tune personally, having raised three children together at Causandra’s  Taos Pueblo home.

Michael is the award-winning son of the master jeweler Na na Ping, so he carries on that artist’s penchant for simplicity of design, rigorous workmanship, and splendid stones.

Causandra is an award-winner in her own right, with her own take on those same qualities.

These exquisite earrings feature magnificent, natural Morenci turquoise, as blue as the New Mexico sky (although the mine is just over the border, in Arizona).

The turquoise has been precisely cut and beveled, by hand, into slightly irregular rectangles, and set into sterling silver.

These raised stones resemble the adobe bricks of the Anasazi ruins at Mesa Verde and Chaco Canyon.

Barely arched, the silver base allows the polished edges to gleam, against the heavenly blue of the turquoise stones.

Understated in style, the better to feature the gorgeous turquoise, these earrings can go to Congress, the theater, or the supermarket, with equal aplomb.

Splendidly timeless in style, the beautiful stones are guaranteed to illuminate every complexion – with no chemicals.

Classic and classy; wear them every day.

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Natural Morenci Turquoise, Sterling Silver


7/8" L x 1/2" W