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Moonstone Pendant


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She’ll have stars in her eyes when you give her this moon (stone).

This luminous beauty is the work of Teddy Draper, Jr.

This celebrated artist is noted as a painter, jeweler, teacher and advocate for Native rights. And, by extension, as a bit of American history.

Teddy’s late father, Mr. Ted Draper Sr, was one of the famous Navajo Code Talkers, whose Navajo-based code was never broken by our Japanese enemy, in WWII.

Although Teddy likes modern styles, the silver setting for this enchanting moonstone is more traditional, harking back to classic Navajo jewelry, though the moonstone is a contemporary feature.

Moonstones were treasured for jewelry as far back as the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Given the ethereal quality of the natural moonstone, the artist tweaked the silver work to trend toward dainty.

He went traditional with the chiseled top and bottom, and the rope-like bezel and added a tiny dome at each of the four corners, and delicate sides that are scalloped and stamped.

Solid, and a lovely contrast to the celestial, limpid beauty of the moonstone, the silver is both detailed in a small scale, and satisfyingly chunky.

The stone is mesmerizing, with a bit of iridescence, and some rutilation in the interior.

The rutilation is seen as a few hair-thin filaments that seem to grow within the moonstone, which seems to be illuminated from within.

As tranquil and glowing as a full moon, this moonstone pendant radiates calm and heavenly beauty.

The precise, and expertly designed, silver setting adds another kind of glistening.

Moonstone and silver together, this is a serenely dazzling and unusual pendant.


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Natural Moonstone, Sterling Silver


1 3/4" L (with bail) x 1" W