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Moonstone Pendant with Gold and Turquoise


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A handsome entry in her series of sun, rain and plant-inspired pendants, this one exhibits Jolene’s characteristic combination of antiqued and textured silver and natural turquoise combined with unusual stones, plus accents of 18-karat gold. She has most often continued the legacy of her parents, Ben and Felicita Eustace, who were famed for jewelry featuring carved turquoise and coral leaves, or feathers, in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Jolene, however, always incorporated this family feature in her own, prize-winning way. In this fascinating pendant, the turquoise is natural, thick, hand cut, but uncarved, as is the other-worldly moonstone in the center. Moreover, the silver is only gently textured, instead of the robustly archaic look on some other of her pieces. The large moonstone is set high, and seems illuminated from within with neon blue highlights inside a streaked, greyish-white stone. When the light hits it, the effect is like viewing the northern lights in a misty sky trailing wisps of high clouds. Or, seeing moonlit clouds amid the darker ones. (Our gifted photographer says it was impossible to capture on film, but wait ’til you see it!) Dangling from the stone-inset top, a shield shape of silver has three layers: a textured base, especially darkened around the edge; next, an irregularly lobed layer of textured silver, on which sits a shinier, triangular coil. This coil, or storm cloud, symbol, is dotted with deeply stamped dots, signifying rain drops. A glittering circle of 18-karat gold at the tip, represents the sun. There are also two other gold accents on the top part; these are slightly textured to gleam, rather than glitter. The floral shapes of the top, with the colors of the sky and the moon, are a contrast to the rainy symbols of the dangling part. Golden suns assert the balance of nature, which will bring good luck all around. Unusual, mysterious, roughly elegant, this pendant has a hint of the medieval about it – you can imagine a great lady wearing it as she sends off her beloved to the Crusades. Without all that fancifulness, it remains a very unusual, very individual, piece of beautiful jewelry that is expertly fashioned by hand.

Sterling Silver, 18K Gold, Moonstone, Natural Turquoise

Width: 1 7/8″ Height: 2 3/4″ Depth: 5/8″