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Moonstone Figural Pendant


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Her late parents were innovative jewelers from the 1970’s on, and Jolene carries on the family tradition in a totally different way, winning awards for her own innovative style. This beautifully intriguing pendant is one of her latest pieces, combining her characteristic textured, darkened silver with a “new” stone: luminous, moody, natural moonstone.


The two-piece construction resembles a human dancer, abstracted. The top is shaped like a tablita – the headdress worn by women during ceremonial dances. The bottom of this is stepped, in the classic rain sign, and if you look very closely, there is a line of tiny circles at the bottom that mimic raindrops. The bottom, attached by a couple of hand-wrought, silver loops, is a reverse half circle, notched around the curved edge. A necklace of 18-karat gold gleams against the ruggedly textured silver. This suggests the dress of the dancer, and the traditional heishi necklace she might wear.


Above, a high-pillowed, horizontal moonstone symbolizes the face, with a dot of 18-karat gold at each side, like earrings. Hauntingly beautiful, the stone glows with luminous shades of blues and greys, shifting according to the light like a cloudy sky at twilight. The combination of smoothly rounded stone, that seems illuminated from within, and warmly glittering gold forms a subtle contrast against the finely textured and darker silver.

Delicate, rugged, dramatic, serene; this unusual pendant will work with a legion of colors and clothes. (Imagine it against heather blue cashmere or grey linen, or red, or black, or white, or yellow, or…. A contemporary classic, especially on one of Al Joe’s collars, elsewhere on this website.

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18k Gold, Natural Moonstone, Sterling Silver


1 7/8"


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