Monument Valley Pendant


Rectangular pendant of silver, with overlay and applique motifs of Navajo life in Monument Valley.Gold sun, or moon.

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Cody Hunter’s work has won awards at Santa Fe Indian Market, the Heard Museum Indian Market, and the Eiteljorg Museum in Indiana, as well as delighting many dedicated collectors across the country. A cowboy at heart, Cody creates wonderful designs that include horses.

This pendant is a fine example of his ability to sculpt in silver. As if we are looking through a window, he has carved a nostalgic scene of traditional Navajo life: A woman weaves under a ramada, next to her hogan home, at the bottom. Next, a young girl follows her sheep, and a beautifully formed horse tranquilly stands and gazes at the world. In the distance, are cliffs, mesas and rock formations. Here and there, a yucca and a desert plant appear. Puffy clouds float across the distant sky, where a 14-karat gold sun shines.

What distinguishes this scene is the remarkable sense of distance and splendid rendering of all the tiny elements. On a two-dimensional slab of silver, this gifted artist has created a detailed, three-dimensional effect. Through adroit use of polished and darkened surfaces, with differences in scale and texture, he has given us the sensation of looking at a far-distant landscape. The eye is led from front to back by the creek, or trail, that draws us right into the scene.

Glistening, polished silver makes a frame; we seem to be looking through it, which helps in the illusion of depth. The unadorned, gleaming silver ensures that the central scene is the focus.

Enchanting in design and detail, this is a really lovely pendant: jewelry, and a bas-relief sculpture at the same time. PS There is a bolo with a similar scene, elsewhere on our website. He and she can gift each other!

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