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Monument Valley – Night


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One of this renowned artist’s most beloved designs, this complements his “Monument Valley – Day” bracelet. An internationally acclaimed master of tufa-casting, this self-taught artist is the recipient of countless awards from the most prestigious Native art shows, including Best of show, Best of Division (Jewelry), and a special prize for tufa cast work. He uses dental tools to achieve the precision and elegance characteristic of his work. Since tufa is such a crumbly material, he says that “99% of (his) work is one-of-a-kind”; the tufa mold breaks up after one use. You can see the beautifully exact lines and forms of every element, in this lovely bracelet.

A lovely crescent moon is seen between the typical rocky outcroppings that define Monument Valley. The night sky is spangled with twinkling stars, and the moonlight casts a silvery glow over the rocky landscape. Compare this sky to the one in his “Day” design that is a companion piece; whereas the daytime sky in smooth and uniform, this night sky is textured, so that the tiny raised pinpricks sparkle like the stars they represent.

As in all his work, there are distinct differences in texture: the sky, the rocks, and the polished moon and gleaming band at the bottom. Beautiful on its own, this bracelet stacks easily with others, especially the artist’s companion piece, “Monument Valley – Day”, elsewhere on this website. Quintessential Rick Charlie work – perfection in every way, including wearability.

Sterling Silver

Total Size: 6 1/4″ Cuff Size: 5 1/8″ Gap Size: 1 1/8″ Width: 7/8″