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Monument Valley – Day Bracelet


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One of the most acclaimed jewelers in the world of Native art, Ric is internationally renowned for his exquisite tufa-cast work. The most prestigious art shows have also recognized his artistry with Best of Show, Best of Division, and a special award for tufa casting. This self-taught artist is considered the equal of his inspirations, Charles Loloma and Preston Monongye.

This bracelet is one of his beautiful Monument Valley series of landscapes. The polished sun is blazing between the rocky outcroppings that give the area its name. Puffy clouds float serenely in the sky. Ric is known for using subtle touches of liver of sulfur, to achieve different hues in the silver. Here, the sky is suffused with a warm, faintly golden tone, as it is at sunrise or sunset. The rest of the landscape is silver in hue. Notice the amazingly fine lines of the sun rays, and the elegant form of the clouds, as well as the different textures of rocks, land and sky. The artist uses dental tools to achieve this kind of delicate perfection. The polished band at the bottom repeats the gleam of the sun, and lights up the composition.

Wearable all the time, this wonderful bracelet is terrific on its own, and stacks easily with others – especially the artist’s companion piece “Monument Valley – Night”, elsewhere on this website. An iconic design by this outstanding jeweler.

Sterling Silver

Total Size: 6 1/4″ Cuff Size: 5 1/4″ Gap Size: 1″ Width: 7/8″