Montana Agate Bolo

Tim Blueflint Ramel


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We welcome this remarkable artist, although he is already internationally renowned for his fine art Native flutes, and now, his handmade jewelry.

Tim describes his jewelry as “Contemporary designs from a place of tradition”.

Definitely not part of his Northern Plains heritage, silver jewelry-making is part of his personal heritage, sparked by watching his grandmother create pieces in her studio.

This bolo is fabricated from sturdy, sandcast sterling silver, and a natural Montana agate.

The elongated oval of the stone is echoed by the silver base, and embellished by protruding flourishes of curved and pointy forms.

With its translucent, indeterminate hue and random clouds of black matrix, that seem to float over the glassy surface, the agate is as haunting as a chimera.

The cast and applied silver that surrounds it is decidedly solid, and a nice counterpoint to the wispy quality of the stone.

Polished on the top level, and visibly gritty-textured on the base, the silver work is strong, yet decorative.

The elements are proportionate to the shape of the stone, and orchestrated with repeated parallel lines and curves, for overall harmony.

They offer visual grace notes to the underlying form. (The artist is a famous musician, after all!) Cylinder tips finish off the piece with elegant understatement.

This is a unique design, scrupulous in workmanship, offering a distinctive, contemporary stone within a traditional form of adornment.

Music and art are unified in this handsome bolo, as they are in the creativity of the artist.


P.S. This bolo matches a ring by Tim from our collection. View the ring here:

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