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Mokume Gane Flower Dangles


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Shane is actively involved in monitoring the integrity of Native arts, serves on the board of the Santa Fe Indian Market, and has been voted IACA Artist of the Year – more than once – in addition to receiving many awards. He is also a rodeo champion, horse breeder and trainer.

Evidently, real men ( at least really talented men ) create graceful, daintily intricate, elegant – even feminine – pieces, like these enchanting earrings.

Several different techniques  resulted in these exquisite earring including overlay, chiseling, and mokume gane.

The floral tops have a base of plain silver, with a concave blossom of mixed copper and silver – the ancient Japanese technique of mokume gane, “marriage of metals”. Circles of 14-karat gold center the flowers.

In mokume gane, silver and copper are hammered together until they become one, prettily patterned and solid, metal. This was used in samurai weaponry for centuries.

The dangles are formed into plump curves. Overlaid arabesque shapes refer to the traditional water spiral.

However, these are more ornate. and chiseled into a texture that stands out against the flat base. More chiseling follows the outlines of the dangles.

Domes of plain, polished silver at the side and the bottom, echo the curves, and add shimmer.

With all the lovely curves, sinuous lines, and delicate details, these earrings could be Victorian antiques.

Enjoy their flattering beauty, and be glad that a macho man has a softer side, too!



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14k Gold, Copper, Sterling Silver


2"L x 5/8" W