Mokume Gane Butterfly Pendant


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Santo Domingo Pueblo is noted for its work with stone and shell beads, and mosaic inlay. This C. Reano has developed a high reputation for work that is completely unlike her tribe's tradition. This award-winning artist specializes in a different ancient tradition. She works wonders with sterling silver and copper, hammered together in the age-old technique of mokume gane. A Japanese technique, mokume gane was often used to embellish samurai swords but we can enjoy the unique effect in more peaceful ways, as Charlyn creates gracefully contemporary piecesThis lovely butterfly floats on the lightly brushed silver. The decorative swirls result from hand hammering the copper and silver together. There are ready-made sheets of mokume gane available, we are told, but this piece is entirely hand made. Essentially a large, impeccably formed bead, the piece is convex so it catches and reflects light. Ingeniously, there are two holes that are invisible from the front, which is how this attaches to a chain or cord. Eye-catching without shouting, this graceful pendant is a link with other times and other cultures, but looks perfectly at home here and now – and into the future.


Depth: 1/2″ Diameter: 1 1/4″