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Modern Twist Bracelet


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Allison Lee “Snowhawk” – the name given by his grandmother – is a consistently prize-winning jeweler, known for creating finely detailed and well-designed work, with premium stones.

Although this cuff is not as elaborate as many of his pieces, it also proclaims says “Quality!” in execution, materials and design.

Based on a traditional, even iconic Navajo jewelry design, Allison’s bracelet only looks twisted; it is actually deeply chiseled and filed, to simulate strands of silver wrapped together.

The lines are fluid and graceful, like a running stream, while many old versions of this style are tighter and really twisted.

Flat and smooth on the interior, this one is super comfortable.

The special touch, added by this very fine jeweler, are the little hands that form each end of the bracelet.

Absolutely charming, this is also an old tradition in Navajo jewelry, but often seen on najas, the pendants on squash blossom necklaces.

It seems as if the bracelet were embracing your wrist, and adds another way to wear this lovely piece: in reverse of the usual, with the hands showing on top of your arm, rather than the twisted center.

That exhibits the unexpected and totally appealing ends, which might not be seen otherwise (except by you).

Shimmering and textured, this narrow cuff also stacks beautifully with other bracelets, as well.

Traditional inspiration led to a modern look, in the creative hands of this artist, while the classic execution and material keep this marvelous cuff timeless.















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Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

5" + 1 1/8" gap | 6 1/8" all around