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Modern Squash Blossom Dangles


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This son of award-winner Allison “Snowhawk” Lee has certainly absorbed his father’s high standards and great talent.

His career is obviously going to be stellar, judging by the work he has brought us – like these terrific earrings.

Squash blossom necklaces and earrings are among the earliest styles created by Navajo silversmiths; they are iconic today.

However, this jeweler has created a modern twist on this historic style; these are pretty far from your grandma’s squash blossom earrings.

Playing with geometry, Trent has juxtaposed diamond shapes against cylinders with horizontal lines, that finally open into the familiar petals at the bottom.

The top features a raised, faceted diamond, applied over the flat, diamond-shap4ed base. A darkened, chiseled frame makes this stand out even more, visually.

Another, similar, but smaller, three-dimensional diamond shape forms a bead that supports the squash blossom dangle below a circular link.

This slightly tapered cylinder is decorated with three chiseled lines that run horizontally.

It opens up into a quatrefoil petal design, at the bottom, that softens the straight lines and echoes the circular link.

The silver on the entire earring is brushed to an antique glow.

With unexpected shapes combined into a creative, personal design, these squash blossom earrings stand on their own.

More than merely an innovative tweak to a beloved, historic design, these are striking, but restrained, modern earrings that can be worn with anything, and everywhere.

Crisp and cleanly made, they are handsome and flattering.

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