Modern Silver Beads


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Al Joe, peer-elected Artist of the Year more than once, is renowned for his exquisite, hand-made beads.

He is celebrated and honored for the perfection of his designs, as well as for his workmanship; nothing is superfluous, nothing can be subtracted. This necklace is a stunning example.

The different sizes and shapes, in the beads, makes this piece more modern than traditional, and visually fascinating.

Three sizes, one basic shape with three variations. These subtle differences create a beautiful, subtly intriguing design.

All share a fabulous, high luster and flattened forms , but some are rounder than others.

The largest beads are the roundest, but not globular; the smallest beads, flanking the large ones, are a bit flatter, and the medium beads are the most sharply flattened, resembling ufo’s.

Each bead, tiny to larger, was formed in two halves, then soldered together and finished so the seam is invisible. The hook and eye clasp is also hand made.

This necklace is that indispensable wear-it-all-the-time piece.

Less formal than pearls, it is nevertheless ladylike, but silver can go where more “precious” materials dare not.

Put this on every day, and enjoy the admiring comments.

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Sterling Silver


18" L, Beads are 1/4" Diameter, 3/8" Diameter and 5/8" Diameter