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Modern Silver Bead Necklace


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Like his twin, Trent, this son of award-winning silversmith, Allison Lee, has been making jewelry from a young age. Make that “even younger” age, since they are all of 26 years old!

Kyle cites an A-List of celebrated jewelers as his role models, including: Raymond Yazzie, Vernon Haskie, Ira and Gary Custer, Aaron Anderson, Jennifer Curtis, Kenneth Johnson, and Cody Sanderson.

With those artists to look up to – including his gifted father – it is no wonder Kyle has become so well-known for his beautiful silver bead jewelry, as seen here.

Exquisitely precise beads, both round and fluted, form a lustrous sweep of silver.

The subtle variation in size and texture of the beads makes the necklace much more interesting, visually, than just one style in a row.

Each glittering bead is remarkably well made, and the ensemble is just gorgeous.

One extraordinary feature: notice how they are joined to the hand-made hook and eye, clasped by brushed silver squash blossoms!

We have not seen anything like that, before, and it is another indication of this young artist’s exceptional talent and creativity.

Welcome, to this new-generation, astonishingly gifted artist!

Catch the Lee-Anderson boys on their ascent to the stratosphere of silversmiths, and enjoy this outstanding necklace.

PS There are delightfully matching earrings, under “earrings”, on this website.

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Sterling Silver


Beads are 3/8" and 1/2" Diameter, 18" L