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Modern Silver Bead Bracelet


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This jeweler is known for superb silver work. He creates unique pieces, using hand tools, and techniques relying on skill and patience – the old way.

However, look at this stunning bracelet; nothing old about the design, except that all the elements are traditional.

The final design, however, is truly one-of-a-kind, brilliantly original, and strikingly modern.

Noted for exquisite beads, the artist has has placed some on a rounded silver wire, in the center of a three-wire cuff, the better to be admired.

Surrounded by nothing but air, the beads are flanked, at a dramatically effective distance, by two other silver bands shaped like ropes.

These are attached to organically flowing, and gleamingly polished, flat borders.

All the silver glistens and shimmers like icicles in the sun; each element has been flawlessly fabricated, by hand.

This design is one we haven’t ever seen before; it is a gorgeous combination of several classical elements of Navajo jewelry, resulting in a splendidly new look.

Beautiful design, beautiful workmanship; a really standout bracelet, at a surprisingly happy price.

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Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

5" + 7/8" gap | 5 7/8" all around


1 1/4" W