Modern Silver and Old Royston Necklace


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Meticulous in fabrication, and enchanting in design, this necklace also boasts a special stone.

Pendant, among the graceful, crescent-shaped silver links, is a splendid, natural turquoise.

This is a long-hoarded piece of luminous green Old Royston turquoise.

Its limpid green color is marked only with spidery lines of warm brown matrix, at one side, toward the top.

The hue of the stone is quite different from most of the Royston turquoise seen nowadays; it is a gentler, less mossy color, with more delicate matrix.

Rather than deep pea-soup green, this stone has almost varied, almost blueish, undertones, that give it a depth not often seen in Royston turquoise.

With such a special stone, the artist has created a series of sterling links that match it with elegance and precision.

The organic curve of the stone is echoed in the narrow crescents of silver.

They are each embellished with an overlay of chiseled fans, an abstraction of traditional eagle feathers.

These fans, and the borders of each crescent, are highly polished, while the base silver is delicately textured.

To keep the emphasis on the stone, these textured areas are not darkened, so the contrast is subtle.

Like a corps de ballet, the series of identical, curved links forms a beautiful backdrop for the star – that gently radiant turquoise.

Every piece is entirely hand wrought, even the little rings that link the links, and the lovely, sturdy clasp.

A really superb necklace, by a fine jeweler, who keeps under the radar, like so many.

He lets his work speak volumes about his artistry and expertise, and the result is a necklace of understated beauty and elegance.

A necklace for all seasons: Wear it happily to work, as well as to the theater, or restaurants; it will adorn your sweaters with elegance, as well.

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