Modern Silver and Coral Necklace


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Museum-quality stone or shell, in a magnificent, sterling silver necklace; two things this award-winning jeweler is known for.

Noted for modern pieces that are strongly traditional, as well, Jack Tom makes it look easy.

However, this breathtaking necklace is the result of consummate expertise and an artistic vision that is able to relate honored Navajo traditions in a splendidly modern way.

Beads are always a Tom specialty, and here we have three different styles and sizes, as well as long tapered cones, at the top.

Impeccably fabricated, the beads include glistening “flying saucer’ flattened rounds, long, tapered cones, that are textured and darkened a bit, in contrast, and his renowned and wonderful “sandwich”  beads, that are formed in three layers.

The pendant is a virtuoso piece of boxed silver, with an elaborate design featuring powerful symbols of good luck, happiness, and health, as well as a superb piece of coral.

At the top, reticulated and darkened silver is formed into an arc.

A raised arc, like a rainbow, is raised above the surface with a series of horizontal short lines, like misty drops, below it.

In the center, a slightly flanged rectangle is also darkened and textured, the better to spotlight the gem-quality, dark red, natural coral that is set above it.

Below this, the bottom edge is also darkened, with a decorative band of polished, abstract, curly forms that dance across it.

An applied, gleaming, three-dimensional diamond shape hangs at the very bottom, rising above its flat border.

At each side of the pendant, a tapered and curved shape flows from the arched top.

Deeply chiseled, with a blackened base, the polished lines follow the sinuous form, evoking rainfall.

Rainbows, of course, indicate rain in the air; the red coral represents the earth, and the squiggly elements below it, suggests plants waiting for rainfall, to grow.

The gracefully flowing linear shapes at either side, are beautiful metaphors for that blessed rainfall.

The diamond shape at the bottom refers to the four corners of the world, where the blessings of rainfall (in the high desert, remember ) should extend.

So, this marvelous pendant looks fascinatingly modern and abstract but incorporates traditional and important elements of Navajo culture within an esthetically pleasing design: rain and rainbow symbols, germinating plants under the ground, and spreading these blessings to the four corners of the world.

Not only beautiful to look at, but this necklace is also a marvel of skill and functionality.

That shiny bail is only a half, hiding a shepherd’s hook at the back.

This ingenious detail means the pendant is detachable from the beads, allowing you to wear this necklace in at least three different ways: together, as shown, beads alone, and pendant alone, with a different necklace or collar.

The perfection of workmanship, extraordinary beauty, and clever versatility, along with a coral of the highest quality, make this necklace a spectacular piece of jewelry.

There is even more, however, as the design expresses a wonderful message of abundance and good luck for all the world.

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