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Modern Rug Pattern Cuff

Tommy Jackson


Wider silver cuff with dynamic, rug-type inlay pattern. Unusual palette of bright blue turquoise, black jade and tan, speckled jasper.

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Collectors all over the world clamor for Tommy Jackson jewelry, and this bracelet is a fine example of his appeal: Expected silky-smooth inlay – check. Visually alluring design – check. Beautiful finish to the silver as well as the stones – check. Unusual choice of materials – check.

Wide enough to display a dynamic pattern that resembles Navajo rug designs, this vibrant cuff is inlaid in an unusual collection of stones and colors. Brilliant blue turquoise is dominant, with the complementary warmth of golden tan jasper; black jade holds it all together. There are inlaid dots of black jade, some set with silver frames, some plain, like the lines that parallel the silver channels. These dots symbolize raindrops, and other drops of water – good luck signs. There are three little circles of inlaid silver, as well, which might stand in for the sun and moon, or just add additional glimmer to the piece.

The jagged forms of the inlaid materials, set on diagonals, create a dramatically syncopated pattern, in addition to the visual drama of the intense colors. Fine design and workmanship, and a unique combination of stones, add up to a marvelously different bracelet that vibrates with energy and beauty. Just what you’d expect from a Tommy Jackson piece.

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Black Jade, Jasper, Sterling Silver, Turquoise

Wrist Size

6 3/8" total


1 1/4" wide

Bracelet Sizing

Modern Rug Pattern Cuff

Measure your wrist with a soft tape measure. Run it around the wrist, not too tightly or too loosely, just in front of the wrist bone. That is the measurement that we use for each bracelet on our website.

THE “CUFF” MEASUREMENT INCLUDES THE TOTAL CIRCUMFERENCE OF THE BRACELET, INCLUDING THE GAP. The width denotes the widest part of the cuff, itself. If your wrist size is substantially greater than the bracelet’s, it will be too small.

Some bracelets may be adjusted slightly, case by case. Bracelets with inlaid stones around the entire surface cannot be sized. For any doubts, please contact us with your wrist size and information about the bracelet(s) and we can check the compatibility.