Modern Petroglyph Ring


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Alex’s work reflects his love of both nature and his tribal heritage, expressed in his distinctive petroglyph-style jewelry.

This ring brings the ancient past into the present, and even the future, combining prehistoric petroglyph symbols in an imaginatively contemporary form.

The spirals represent the river of life, and flowing water; dragonflies flit on and above streams, and tiny silver circles symbolize drops of water.

These are powerful good luck signs since water is so precious in the high desert

The little crosses refer to the four geographic directions, where the blessings of water are meant to spread.

Applied in glistening silver, onto a textured and darkened base, the silver palette is accentuated by a single piece of natural, dark red, branch coral.

Since coral comes from the sea, this might be another watery indication. However, red is the color of the earth, as well, so it might indicate a balance between water and earth.

What is special about this ring, aside from the precise fabrication, is its size, shape, and position

The form is an irregular rectangle or trapezoid, with lightly curved sides and bottom.

This unusual shape catches the eye and works well with the circular and rounded motifs, and the elongated lines of the dragonflies.

Putting it on a horizontal axis creates an unexpected visual effect.

When worn, the ring face extends across two to three fingers, for an arresting and novel look. ( It is perfectly comfortable, since the face is raised, and fingers move freely.)

The shank is wide, to keep the broad face stable, and it is decorated with vertical chiseling that resembles rain, surmounted with raincloud stamps.

And… the reverse of the ring face is stamped all over with wave-like spirals, making the rain and water symbolism complete on every surface.

A creative and dramatic concept, beautifully fabricated with precision and flair, this ring is a contemporary version of the traditional Navajo statement rings.

You will enjoy the attention it deservedly attracts.


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